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Oil On Oily Skin? Huh?


We have had a run of clients with oily skin lately, and their little eyebrows always go up when I recommend the Calibration Serum, one of our divine facial oils.  So, let me explain.

Your skin makes oil!  You produce a substance called sebum, which is an oily-waxy material designed to help waterproof us and maintain the barrier function of the skin.  If you are constantly trying to dry out your skin, or using “oil-free” moisturizers, your skin may actually amp up its sebum production in an effort to keep itself healthy.  This can result in acne and/or oily skin. 

Our Calibration Serum is a combination of ten organic/wild harvested, balancing plant oils, two CO2 extracts, vitamin E, and 8 organic/wild harvested essential oils, all chosen for their ability to help your skin produce the “right” amount of sebum.  It can actually reduce the amount of sebum your skin produces, by providing the proper protective layer from the outside, and downregulating your sebaceous gland activity.

Clear as mud?  No.  Clear as oil.


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