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Summeriest is a word.  Trust us.  

Here's a quick guide to our most summery fragrances, to help you sink in to summer mode completely!

  • Blum Perfume - This is the smell of slurping honeysuckle right from the vine - a sweet, vanilla-based scent with a juicy note of Italian honeysuckle.  Simple, beautiful, feminine.
  • Bria Perfume - Jasmine and sandalwood bring notes of sensuous seduction to this warm, spicy scent - for nights when you want to leave a little allure and mystery in the air as you walk past...
  • Lots of our award-winning, luxury body soaps make this list!  Our top choices for summer? Chamomile Sun and Citrus Pearl for their bright, cheerful scents, Coffee Mint and Lavender Pine for a little exfoliation.
  • Body oils - they're all the rage, and a big part of our mission here at Osmia: we want to convert you to using body oils on wet skin rather than using lotion on dry skin.  (Fewer chemicals, better results.)  You provide the water, we provide the luxurious, nourishing oils!  Sunset and Light are two of our most summery, gorgeous scents.
  • Vanilla Shea Hand Cream - to keep those paws soft, and your nose happy.  Vanilla, bergamot, and a touch of spikenard to complicate things.  The better to touch you with, my dear.
  • Rosemary Body Mousse is one of our newest releases and is great on hands, feet, elbows, and knees just after your shower.  The scent is of freshly crushed rosemary, like you just picked it from the herb garden.  It's especially amazing for massaging into cuticles and nails to encourage strength and healthy growth - take it from an ex-nailbiter who now has pretty nails!

Hope that helps guide your summer shopping.  Wishing you a happy, healthy, and heavenly-smelling summer!!  

With love and sunsets from us to you, 



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