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We have had our natural bath line since we launched in 2012, and it has included a salt bath, a milk bath, and a tea bath. All three products are well-loved, utterly natural, and supremely luxurious. However, we decided to downsize them a bit, so they would be more affordable to more of our customers. Since we were changing things up, we also redesigned the packaging (everybody loves a new dress) and tinkered with some details. So, here’s the scoop! 

Only our Organic Tea Bath formula remains the same, but with fewer bags (and a lower price tag) per container. Each tea bag may be used twice – just hang it to dry between uses. We use Epsom salt, organic botanicals, oatstraw, and certified gluten-free oats to create a healing, skin-soothing bath. The water will turn slightly cloudy from the oats, and slightly orange from the organic calendula, chamomile, and roses. It’s like those gorgeous photos of bathtubs full of flower petals, but without having to clean up the mess! This is a favorite for kids, eczema and psoriasis, dry skin, itchy skin, or pregnant women (just not too hot!).


Our Serenity Milk Bath only changed a smidge. We still use a beautiful, organic milk blend, with a mixture of skim milk and buttermilk, and a bit of baking soda. Then (this is the magic part), we mill our own certified gluten-free whole oats into oat flour, which gets combined with the milk mixture. If you have ever eaten freshly rolled oats, you've tasted the creaminess about them that is markedly pronounced when compared to store-bought rolled oats. That goes for freshly milled oat flour, too. Now you know.

The essential oils in our Milk Bath are the part that changed: we blend organic Bulgarian lavender, Hungarian chamomile, and South African rose geranium to create an international symphony of scents under your nose as you sink into a bath that would make Cleopatra fierce with envy.  Enjoy every indulgent minute - for her sake.

The Recovery Salt Bath is, well, our new favorite thing. We loved our Salt Bath, and are sad to see it go. But we are pretty sure you will fall in love with this one, too. We still use the same lovely salt harvested by hand from salt marshes in the medieval town of Guérande. I mean, that alone is enough to make you forget about the modern world! Then, we add in Epsom salt, which dissolves quickly and makes the water (and your skin) feel silky and divine. Pretty simple so far, right?  But here's where it takes a turn and becomes the pinnacle of natural luxury... 

I grow loads of wild lavender on my property - about 27 acres in the Rocky Mountains at 6,700 feet above sea level. This time of year, the lavender is in full swing, and makes me drunk with joy every time I pass it. At its peak, we harvest most of it, tie it with twine, hang it to dry for a few days, and then strip the gorgeous purple flowers from the stem at Osmia. From there, we infuse the flowers in organic, extra virgin olive oil. It steeps for a month, after which we strain out the buds, but leave behind all the medicinal goodness of this powerful plant. Using this infused olive oil and a touch of organic shea oil, we coat the grains of salt ever so lightly, which allows them to hold the essential oils, and increases the skin softening effects of the bath.

For the essential oil blend in the Recovery Salt Bath, I called upon some of the most proven aromatherapy oils available. I wanted to create a blend with potent medicinal healing, but not have it end up smelling like Vicks Vapor Rub. (That’s where being a perfumer helps!) Lavender - a perfect complement to the infused oil - and marjoram are the most prominent oils, chosen for their abilities to quiet the mind and soothe tired muscles, respectively. Juniper and rosemary encourage healthy muscular circulation, while eucalyptus and wild mint help cool areas of inflammation. The synergetic combination of oils has quickly become one of my favorite recovery tools. As a mom, business owner, and pretty serious athlete, I find myself daydreaming about the moment when I can lower myself into this warm remedy and ready myself for another day.  (Oh, and it's pretty fantastic when you're not feeling well, too. Just ask the case of bronchitis I had for a month this spring!)

Now that you've done your homework, get your little fingers ready, and pick up one of our exquisite new bath products, for you or someone you adore. We can't wait to hear how you like them. Actually, we can't wait to hear how you LOVE them. So lock the door, turn on some Gregory Alan Isakov, and drift into a halcyon state of Osmia bliss.  

With love and wrinkly fingers and toes from us to you,







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