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Soooo, your response to last month's playlist collection inspired us to create three more, and we hope you love them as much as we do!

Whether you're embracing the cooler weather, wearing boots and scarves, apple-picking, and enjoying all things pumpkin, (like our Zucca Spice Soap) or you're still sporting sundresses and searching for the last open pool within a 30-mile radius, these new beats will help you take on your day. 

Cut a rug as you get out of bed, shimmy while you're driving, or find your strongest self with a self-guided yoga practice.

Everyone loves to freshen up their playlists, so please feel free to share with friends!


This is a power flow mix. It starts off slowly, but moves quickly into a dynamic rhythm to carry you through your sun salutations. There are a few playful songs for your inversions, and then some softer, pretty pieces to bring you down onto your mat, and quiet your mind again as you move toward savasana.



Well, you can figure out the point of this one. We are on a mission to make you move. At the gym, on the street, in the mountains, by the sea, or sitting at your desk, these songs will make you want to shake your groove thing. Promise.


This one is for cooking with friends, sitting on the deck, working on your bike, or closing your eyes in the hammock while the sun hits your eyelids. These are some of our favorite artists, from rock and roll to Americana to alt-country, and we hope you'll come to love them as much as we do. Kick your feet up on the coffee table and savor the sounds.

With love and good grooves from us to you, 

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