November Groove

by Sarah Villafranco, MD /

Acoustically Delicious

Kind of like Lucky Charms, but different. This is a really beautiful collection of originals and covers with a focus on vocals and the perfect simplicity of an acoustic guitar. Overall, the songs are soft and lovely, perfect for a bath or a restorative yoga sesh or even for working on a project that requires time and patience. You know, like the solar system for your kid's science project that you do 86% of because you're kind-of competing with the other parents? Something like that.

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Hipster Holidays

This one is an effort to combine the best of the best when it comes to holiday music. From the heartwarming, gravelly sound of Mister Armstrong to the sultry croon of Zooey Deschanel to the timeless-yet-fresh innocence of the Pentatonix, there's a little something for everyone. At least, for anyone who plans to listen to holiday music of any kind. Perfect for your holiday party, or to play in your office (we will!), or just to get in the mood as you wrestle with your tree... No humbugs allowed.

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Shake Your Thang: November

You knew this one was coming. You can always count on us for upbeat, high-energy mixes to make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to stay still. We are all about living the healthy life out here in beautiful Colorado, and we're hoping playlists like these will make it easier for you to stay inspired to do the same. And these are pretty great songs to crank in the shower, too - maybe away from the mirror, though, because naked dancing doesn't always look as good as it feels. Just sayin'.

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With love and jiggles from us to you, 

Sarah and the Osmia Crew.

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