New Year, New Groove

by Sarah Villafranco, MD /

Three new playlists to start your year off right - hope you enjoy!! 

New Year, New Groove

Let's try a new thought pattern about exercise, okay? You don't HAVE to work out - you GET to work out. So go exercise your privilege with this upbeat playlist designed to make you move.


Chicks Who Can Sing

Ever been busted at a stop light with your head thrown back and your mouth wide open and your face all scrunched up as you belt out a song that's really gotten deep in your soul? This list is for you, especially if you dig chicks who can sing.


Simmer Down

Enough with the holiday music and madness. Time to unwind a little with this mellow mix of songs that will help bring your shoulders away from your ears, especially with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. 


With love and ever-tapping toes from us to you, 

Sarah + The Osmia Crew


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