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Change is good, right? We think so, especially when it involves changing our packaging to reflect the quality of the products we make. We’ll be rolling out some new packaging over the next few months, and we thought we’d run through the changes for you, so you’re not wondering what’s going on with your Osmia products!


You’ll see three colors in our line from now on: grey, purple, and blue. Our facial care products will have grey boxes or labels, our body care products will have purple boxes or labels, and our natural bath products are still in beautiful blue tubes. We thought it would be easy to identify the products you want, and you won’t have to worry about your white labels looking smudgy anymore.


We’re adding boxes to many of our products, in order to protect them during shipping and to enhance their shelf appeal in our retail locations. All of our boxes are made with recyclable, FSC certified paper, and our ink is non-toxic, soy-based ink. Our bath containers are 100% recycled cardboard tubes with recyclable metal tops. And our soap wrapping paper is still the partially-recycled, chlorine-free watercolor paper.
(This is a little shout out to my beautiful mama, wherever she is, who took up Japanese watercolor painting again in the last year of her life, and got pretty good at it!)

We're switching to printed glass wherever possible, which is fully recyclable, as always. In some cases, we are using caps or pumps that are plastic, and not recyclable. Sigh. This is a fact of life at the moment, but we are always looking for innovative, environmentally-sensitive solutions. Our airless pumps are Ecocert-approved and 100% recyclable (there’s no metal spring in them to prevent them from entering the recycling stream). 


Unless we tell you otherwise, you should assume that all products are exactly the same. We still make them all in our facility in Colorado, and none of the ingredients have changed. On each package, either the box or the label, we make sure to tell you a few important things:

1) The products are made in Colorado, USA (little mountain symbol).

2) The product is either cruelty-free or cruelty-free and vegan (little bunny symbol).

3) The product should be used within a certain number of months after we make it (little jar symbol). The date of manufacture is indicated on each container.

4) A full list of ingredients in the product. If you need to know the exact essential oils, you may call or email us anytime!

5) What percent of the product’s ingredients are certified organic - we are not a certified organic company, but we use mostly certified organic ingredients.

6) How to use the product for best results.

7) Our address, in case you ever get to Colorado, and our website, where you can email us anytime.

In addition to this information for each product, we are proud to display the Osmia Tox Screen on our products (wherever space permits) to tell you exactly what you WON’T find in an Osmia product, ever. To learn more about our Tox Screen, and the science behind our decisions, hop over to this blog post and read away! And, for a full run-down on our ingredients, packaging, and shipping materials, read this!



You’ll see the word Osmia alone on our new packaging, instead of Osmia Organics. We made this decision for a few reasons:

  1. We are not, at this time, a certified organic company, and we don’t want to mislead anyone, even though we use premium, certified organic ingredients. Why? Well, we are waiting to see if the USDA certification is the one that makes the most sense for a personal care company. There is a LOT happening in the field of personal care and organics, and we want to make sure we pursue the right organic certification for our brand when the time is right. Specifically, the USDA certification is a food certification. Osmia products use loads of USDA organic, edible ingredients, but there are a couple of “non-edible” ingredients in some of our products, like black clay, which contains iron, or cetearyl alcohol, which is non-toxic and biodegradable, but not meant to go on your plate. So, if you ate 100 bars of our black clay facial soap, you could get iron toxicity, and we wouldn’t want that.
  2. We’re four years old now, and most folks in the green, clean scene know our name by now. People tend to call us “Osmia”, rather than “Osmia Organics” anyway. (Need a reminder about what Osmia means? Read this!)
  3. From a graphic design perspective, the word Osmia is easier to work with than the original logo - it’s smaller, and more balanced. As we worked on these new packaging updates - a huge investment for our growing brand - we wanted the graphics to be simple, beautiful, elegant, and modern. We hope you’ll love the clean look as much as we do.

With love, bottles, labels, and boxes from us to you,

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