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Babies. They’re delicious little bundles of sweet-smelling goodness and innocence, and all we want to do is keep them safe, warm, fed, and happy. We get lots of information from our healthcare providers about breastfeeding, or which formula is best if nursing is not an option, but not as much education about skincare. In fact, if you delivered your baby in a hospital, you were probably sent home with baby skincare products that aren’t as healthy as you’d hope for the tender skin of a fresh creature. 

While we don’t want to add worry to the life of a new parent, there are a few specific skincare ingredients you should avoid with a new baby. Synthetic fragrance is a huge category, and should be avoided in skincare and in products used in the home (laundry, candles, cleaning products). Fragrance can contain hundreds of ingredients, often including phthalates, which interfere with multiple endocrine systems by disrupting thyroid and reproductive hormones. (Due to the sensitive, developing environment of the newborn endocrine system, even essential oils are not recommended for babies under six months, and then only sparingly until they’re over a year old.) Parabens (used to preserve lotions and creams) are worth avoiding, as they are endocrine disruptors as well. And sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, used as a foaming agent, is a significant skin irritant found in baby shampoos, body washes, and laundry detergent (even those marketed as baby-specific). 

Luckily, you won’t miss any of these things one bit once you’ve replaced them with cleaner, healthier options. Here’s what we recommend to care for your little one’s skin, head to toe—and beyond.

Oh So Soap

Once your baby’s umbilical stump has fallen off, you can start a soothing bath routine for him or her. You can wash both hair and body (avoiding the eyes) with our gentle Oh So Soap, made with organic olive oil, organic mango butter, and organic buttermilk powder. There are no essential oils or harsh detergents—nothing to irritate your baby’s skin or hormone cycles.

Naked Body Oil

Fresh out of the bath, place your baby safely on a clean towel and massage Naked Body Oil into his or her skin while the skin is still quite wet or damp. Let it absorb while you’re giving a soothing massage or singing your favorite lullaby. 

Naked Body Mousse

Our fluffy, whipped shea butter mousse is incredible for baby massage after the bath, or for use on either set of chapped baby cheeks! It’s also excellent for tired nursing-mama neck and shoulder massages, in case you know any tired mamas... 

Lip Doctor

We know you’ll be kissing that baby about a million times a day, so make sure your kisses are safe and gentle for your baby’s skin. Lip Doctor has no essential oils, and is soothing for chapped baby lips, too.

Serenity Milk Bath

Once your baby is over six months old, it’s safe to incorporate a scoop of our Serenity Milk Bath in the routine, and it’s a lovely treat for parents, too. Simply add to running water and swirl gently to dissolve any lumps.

And as far as household items go, here are a few of our favorite recommendations!

With love and healthy, baby-soft skin from us to you,

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