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If you follow our blog, you know we talk a lot about "founder favorites", but what about my husband, John? This incredible, behind-the-scenes guy has been by my side in every way since the day I decided to start the company. Not only is he my financial business partner and the ultimate cheerleader, he is a man of extraordinary taste in all things from fashion to skincare, and is, hands-down, Osmia’s biggest fan.

In honor of Father’s Day, I dabbled in his dopp kit to see which Osmia products he loves the most, and asked him to tell me why they're his favorites. 


This is one manly mousse — a rich rosemary aroma and a texture that can soften even the roughest skin. Our mousse is the ultimate multitasker for John. He smooths it over his shaved head every day and rubs the excess into his beard to smooth any wandering whiskers. He loves it for his heels during the summer months, when flip-flop wearing leaves his feet in need of some healing. He also claims that rubbing it on his chest makes him feel like he's "having a good pec day.” (That one made me laugh, but he does have some fine pecs from his daily yoga practice!)


Full of MANuka honey and myrrh, this small but mighty balm keeps John’s lips kissable for this lucky wife of his. He’ll also rub it on his cuticles if they are in bad shape from working on his mountain bikes in the dry Colorado climate.


This burly bar of Coffee Mint Soap is John’s favorite way to wake up in the morning. He admits he’ll scrub his body twice - once to get clean, and a second time because it smells so darn good. He also loves to keep this bar in the kitchen, where he spends an incredible amount of time cooking for all three of his girls.


John uses this beloved black bar to cleanse his face and beard twice a day. Not only does it keep his complexion clear, it also means, in his words, "I get to use another awesome bar of Osmia soap!"


When I asked him to describe his feelings about Lip Doctor, he wrote only this: "Where is it? Where is it? AHH!"

Know the feeling?? (I sure do!!)


"This is the one thing I miss the most if I forget it during my travels," says John. "I feel like I almost can't live without it anymore." This gentle face cream absorbs quickly and leaves a nice, matte finish as well as a soothed and softened feeling. 

$20 - $64

"I love it in the day and the night."
That pretty much sums it up, at least in man terms.

I hope my honey's favorites help you make some selections for a special man in your life. He'll be happy, he'll steal less of your Osmia, and the bathroom will smell like a sprig of fresh rosemary with a sprinkle of mint.


With love and one fine-smelling fella from us to you, 

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