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Hi there, I’m Erin. You may have noticed my name tucked at the bottom of our Osmia newsletter and blog posts recently, and I wanted to introduce myself officially. For the last seven months I’ve been working as our Brand Content Manager, and I sincerely love my job. My road to working for Osmia was a little unconventional;  I didn’t find a job posting on Indeed. I found the products because of my perioral dermatitis, fell head over heels for the brand, and decided I needed to work for the brand.


To give you some background, I owned a Denver yoga studio for seven years. Helping others find stillness through yoga was my mission, and I enjoyed every day I spent teaching. Once I became a mom, there was a shift; I struggled to justify me-time in the mix of work and kids, and ultimately lost a big chunk of what I felt made me myself. I could preach self-care to my clients, but I felt like I had no time or energy to practice it myself anymore. I felt lost, tired, and honestly, a little hypocritical. I wasn’t in a great place, and that’s when my body started to react.

Looking at myself in the mirror each morning, I would inspect my skin and pick away at the red, irritated, and flaky skin surrounding my nose. I hoarded lotions and piled them on top of the bumps, hoping it was just the Colorado climate affecting my skin. Soon enough, it became a full-on barrage of bumps. Itchy and irritated in every way, I knew it couldn’t be as simple as the weather. Weeks passed, and thinking it could be a food allergy, I overhauled my pantry and gave the Whole 30 diet a chance (although it was the Whole 17, in my case). I got blood work done, which came back normal, and the dreaded bumps persisted. Maybe it was a hormone issue? I did just have two kids, right? I visited the OBGYN insisting there must be a deeper issue, but they found nothing. My dermatologist said it was eczema and tried to prescribe a topical steroid cream for my face. Finally, I visited a friend that owned an apothecary, and with one look at me, she knew it was perioral dermatitis. She had experienced the same thing a few years ago, and my symptoms checked all the boxes. The only thing that worked for her was Osmia.

How had I never heard of PD before? I went home and found that the more I researched perioral dermatitis, the more questions I had: not every case was the same, there was no single, definitive cause. It is linked to stress, use of steroid creams, diet, use of SLS  (sodium laury/laureth sulfate) in household and beauty products, and oral contraceptives. Feeling overwhelmed, I bought the Osmia fan-favorite, Black Clay Facial Soap, as well as the Active Gel Toner and Purely Simple Face Cream. I started slowly, and was diligent with my new routine. I tried to clean up my eating habits, get outside a little more, and gradually removed all SLS products from my home. A few weeks later my symptoms were starting to diminish.

My experience with PD was an unpleasant obstacle to overcome, but it ultimately showed me the beauty in my breakdown. I wasn’t making time for myself as a new mom, and I felt the effects of that all around me. My body flared up to highlight the red flags I kept missing; taking time for myself wasn’t extravagant, it was necessary. I started following Osmia on Instagram, and it’s cheesy to say now, but I found some solace in Sarah. She talked about the juggle that all parents face (working or stay-at-home) and how she works daily to embrace it. Motherhood and life can be messy, but you have to make time for yourself in the middle of the mess — a message so refreshing to hear that it changed everything. She was genuine and vulnerable in her honesty, and I could relate so specifically to how she felt. Fast forward a few months - I was symptom-free and finally felt like myself again. I realized it was time to sell my yoga studio, and set down the burden of owning a business. After a few months home with my kids to reset, I set out to woo the woman (and the brand) that made me feel whole again. After two interviews, a writing sample, and two PowerPoint presentations about why they should hire me, I got the job. I feel uniquely qualified to hold this position: I understand the power of this brand to change lives, because it inspired me to do it myself.



Osmia helped me in ways I wasn’t expecting. After losing focus for a bit, I could see myself and what I needed clearly again - a happier ending than my healthy, glowing skin! I can honestly say that I am beyond happy to work for this company, and I am elated to be on this journey with you. Let me know in the comments below — what do you love about Osmia? How did you find us? Did you have PD and did we help?


Black Clay Facial Soap
My PD Pick

Active Gel Toner
My PD Pick

Purely Simple Face Cream
My PD Pick

Balance Facial Serum
(I can use this now that I don’t have PD symptoms!)

Lavender Body Mousse

Milky Rose Soap

Water Body Oil

With love and gratitude from me to you,


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