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We’ve been looking for a great soap dish for ages, but never found one that fit the bill perfectly. It needed to be functional, appealing, and have a story other than “this was made from cheap materials by people you don’t know in a land far away from home.” When my team read about a local company called Delta Brick and Climate, we knew we had to brainstorm with them about making a soap dish for us!

Delta Brick and Climate is a small startup just over the mountain from us, in Montrose, Colorado. It was started by Chris Caskey, a climate scientist and PhD chemist who put two and two together to make… bricks? Let us explain.

The best products on the market are the products that solve more than one problem. Example: your Osmia soap gets you clean, makes your nose and skin extremely happy, and reduces the number of chemicals flowing down your drain when you shower! Well, Chris saw a couple of problems in the North Fork region of Colorado. The first was off-gassing from old coal mines; although they’re not active mines, there is still methane (one of the most harmful greenhouse gases) trapped in the mines and leaking into the atmosphere. The second problem was silt building up in the local reservoir, clogging up the intake system and reducing the water available to local farmers, especially as global temperatures creep skyward. Chris put his big brain to work, and came up with a solution: why not collect the silt from the reservoir, and use the methane to fire a kiln that turns the silt into bricks and tile? (I mean, you would have thought of that, right?)

The crafty team at Osmia approached Chris and his partner Jason MacMillan about making a soap dish for us, and we all got to work testing ideas. We tried many shapes and sizes, and ended up choosing one of the simplest designs—it’s a section of a brick that gets hand-cut and glazed so it’s smoother to the touch. It drains water away from your soap, and props your beautiful bar of soap up so it’s on display, and easy to grab when you need it. We call it the Soap Stand, because it helps your soap take a stand, and reminds you to stand strong for the things you believe in, like working in community to make the world a better place! We are thrilled to have a locally-made product that solves as many problems as your soap does and supports a company that is doing good, smart things in the world!

The Soap Stand goes on sale November 1st for $18, as well as all of our winter soaps for the season. We hope your soap will love its new Soap Stand, and help keep you and your family healthy in the cold months to come! 


With love and silt from us to you, 







Some photos provided by Delta Brick & Climate. 

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