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Rosemary Body Mousse was originally developed for the historic Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado. They called us to ask if we could create the product for them, and said they needed it in a hurry. They wanted it to be fluffy, rich, and smell like fresh rosemary. Easy, right?

Well… sort of. The fresh rosemary part was the easiest, because I knew we had a type of rosemary essential oil (chemotype verbenone for you essential oil nerds) that smelled EXACTLY like the fresh herb being chopped in my kitchen! But getting the texture of the mousse right was hard. After much whipping and a sprinkle of golden jojoba oil, we finally landed on the perfect, fluffy, spreadable, skin-softening magic that is our body mousse. 



Shea Butter: 

Rich in vitamins A and E, this rich butter from West Africa is healing and nourishing to dry skin.

Babassu Oil: 

Another solid oil, babassu is lighter in texture and provides anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin.

Jojoba Oil: 

Actually considered a liquid wax, jojoba is very close in texture and composition to our skin’s own sebum.

Rosemary Essential Oil: 

Aside from its incredibly invigorating scent, rosemary has a host of other benefits!



Our favorite review for this product is too good not to share—here’s what BuzzFeed editor Julie Gerstein once wrote:

“Right when I get out of the shower, I slather on Osmia's Rosemary Body Mousse. This stuff will make your body smell like delicious focaccia bread. You want to smell like delicious focaccia bread, trust. Also, it will make your legs feel like delicate soft baby deer legs.”

Ready to cover yourself in the “dew of the sea”??

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