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The holidays are upon us, which can feel like a temporary loss of sanity in addition to all the joy and wonderful madness the season brings each year. Many of us hit the road during the holidays to connect with loved ones, and the things you carry with you can be small, but still mighty in their impact on your wellbeing. Here are five, simple tips for keeping the holidays happy, healthy, and harmonious—for your skin and your sanity!

1) Cut your favorite Osmia soap in half, and put it in our soap travel bag, along with your facial bar. You can drop the soaps into the bag when they're wet, then simply rinse the bag when you get where you’re going and it’s ready to use again as soon as it’s dry. No more soggy soap in ziploc bags!

2) My dear friend Josh Rosebrook makes the excellent point that sleep tends to suffer when we travel, and he recommends an herbal tincture called Sleep Juice by Organic Olivia. I also love these melatonin drops by Dr. John Douillard – 2-3 drops under the tongue at bedtime help me stay asleep through the night, or fall back asleep quickly if I wake.

3) Keep a Lip Doctor in your pocket during your travels, but unpack Lip Repair for overnight healing when you land. The power of manuka honey and cupuacu butter are especially apparent when you let them do their work as you sleep. Oh, and a swipe of Lip Doctor makes a great overnight eye treatment if you’re looking for a little multitasking magic.

4) Take your own towels, especially if you’re staying with friends or in an Airbnb, since you might encounter heavily fragranced linens. These pack flat and dry quickly—I even put one on my pillow for sleeping if the smell of detergent is strong.



5) Don’t forget your Nectar Vital Rose Drops and Spotless Blemish Oil. Massage a drop of Nectar under your eyes before the flight takes off, especially if you had an early alarm to catch your flight! And Spotless will be your savior if you feel a blemish cropping up on the plane—travel zits are a real phenomenon, especially over the holidays! Apply Spotless a few times throughout the flight with a clean pinky finger, and marvel as that zit changes its mind and tiptoes away.

Don’t forget….

  • Fresh fruits and veggies in your endlessly reusable Stasher Bags (use the code stasherlife for a little discount!)
  • A water bottle and coffee mug to lower your environmental impact on the road.
  • Non-toxic hand sanitizer and wipes - don’t pick up any travel bugs!
  • Facial wipes for the long flights when you feel a little too grimy to wait for a shower. 

With love and bons voyages from us to you,

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