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Rose Geranium essential oil 


Pelargonium graveolens, var. roseum


The organic rose geranium we use is from South Africa, where the Pelargonium genus originated, but it is also grown in northern Africa, China, and several European countries. The essential oil is steam-distilled from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the plant (also known as the aerial parts).


Rose geranium is used to calm anxiety and other nervous conditions and lift the spirits. It can be useful in depression and during mood swings related to hormonal shifts. It is both soothing and energizing, and works beautifully to create positive energy when used in a diffuser with a citrus-like bergamot or sweet orange.


Rose geranium is suitable for all skin types, and seems to be soothing and balancing when used in proper concentrations on the skin. It has been studied by the medical community in the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions and infections, and has shown promise for future investigations. It balances sebum, which makes it very useful for skin that is very oily or very dry, or otherwise not in balance. (We love it in our Balance Facial Serum.) It is also a very effective oil to use in a natural insect repellent formula, along with citronella and lemongrass.


Rose geranium has many of the beautiful elements of rose essential oil, but without the natural indole component that can smell slightly rotten in rose essential oil. For this reason, rose geranium is often used to extend the rose scent of Rosa damascena, or even to adulterate the more expensive rose essential oil. Rose geranium can be used to support a healthy menstrual cycle, and to ease menstrual discomfort and diminish bloating. (I loved it in our Stream Body Oil, which I used in the days before my cycle.) It is safe for use in pregnancy (diluted in a carrier oil or diffused properly) in low concentrations, but should not be applied full-strength.


  • People used to plant rose geranium around their cottages to keep evil spirits at bay, as well as line their baking pans with the leaves to create beautifully-scented cookies! (There’s no available data on whether either method worked.)
  • Think of rose geranium as the Great Balancer - of skin, of hormones, of moods.
  • A combination of tamanu oil (60%), rose geranium (25%), and bergamot (15%) can help relieve the pain of shingles and cold sores.
  • Geranium is commonly used in the food and beverage industry as flavoring. The BEST example? This recipe, developed for an event I did with Kathryn from Cookie + Kate - just add two drops of rose geranium essential oil to the dressing if you want the pelargonium effect!

Wishing you love and a bushel of balancing rose geranium from us to you,







The information contained in this post is for educational interest only and is not intended to represent claims for actions of rose geranium essential oil. This information is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of any physical or mental illness or disease.


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