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How We Source Our Palo Santo

A quick note about sourcing palo santo. 

In 2019 there was a viral post about how we all need to stop using palo santo. It should have said “Stop using poorly-sourced, unethical palo santo,” in which case I would have agreed with it completely!

In Osmia’s case, we purchase our palo santo essential oil from a supplier who works with an ethnobotanist in Ecuador to obtain the wood. They have a nursery where they grow the saplings as part of a reforestation project. Then they harvest trees that have fallen naturally in accordance with their license to harvest from the Ministry of the Environment in Ecuador. No live trees are ever harvested to obtain this oil, and the land used for growing the trees is protected as long as the project remains sustainable and profitable. If he goes out of business, the land goes to cattle farming. So we’re proud to support his beautiful business, and share the result of his hard work with you in our consciously created products. (Remember—sometimes those provocative posts that get a zillion likes might not be the posts with the most researched, deeply considered solutions to big problems. It’s not as simple as boycotting the ingredient in question. We can do better than that!!)

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