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Monika Kincade

Production Manager

Born in:

A scent related memory from your childhood: 
Rose essential oil.  My mom used it all the time as a perfume - she had it in a little wooden container that was hand carved and painted with a little glass insert. I was fascinated with the container and the scent. 

Favorite essential oil now, and why: 
Still rose - makes me feel happy, warm, and safe, and it smells amazing.

Three favorite bands:
Why 3? I have so many more than that! I will listen to anything but hard core rap...  

Your favorite thing about you: 
Being Hungarian!!!  I'm handy, crafty, strong, can make pretty much anything!

A red border collie, Spirit.  She is 10. 

Favorite memory of your mom: 
Sewing my clothes.  She used to make most of my clothes. They were unique and no one else showed up in the same outfit. She also made all my costumes. 

Death Row Meal: 
Savoy cabbage soup (kelkaposzta fozelek) - how I miss savoy cabbage - followed by cinnamon plum stuffed dumplings (szilvasgomboc).

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