Sarah Zbozien

by Sarah Villafranco /

Retail & Photography

Born in:
Santa Rosa, California

A scent related memory from your childhood:
The smell of the fresh bread my mom would make.

Favorite essential oil now, and why:
Melaleuca (tea tree oil): it's used to treat all sorts of small wounds/ailments and I love the smell.

Music I'm listening to these days:
Blackbird Blackbird, Soulero, Emancipator

Your favorite thing about you:
I smile a lot!

Two adorable (and insane) kitties, Sampson and Sonny, and a sweet old dog named Emily.

Favorite memory of your mom:
I have too many!

Death Row Meal:
Crab legs, steamed artichoke, zucchini fritters and pumpkin cheesecake.

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