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Craft Series - Sacred Rose

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You know how we love a hand-written note, right? Well, our Craft Series Body Oils are like hand-written love notes with limited-edition body oils wrapped tenderly inside them. We make these in tiny batches, and when they're gone, they're gone! Each scent is crafted by our founder, Sarah, and she hand letters each bottle and box. If you're looking for something truly special and unique (not to mention supremely healthy and luxurious), you've found it in our Craft Series.

Our Sacred Rose Craft Series Body Oil comes just in time for the love holiday, and makes an utterly extraordinary gift of love for someone special - including yourself. We’ve combined our rich, nourishing Craft Series body oil base with two profoundly powerful essential oils: Palo Santo and Rose Otto. Palo Santo, meaning “holy wood” in Spanish, is gathered from the Ecuadorean forest floor and distilled to make this incredible oil. It is used for clearing negative energy and paving the way for a positive, enlightened state of mind. We combine it with an extraordinary organic Bulgarian Rose Otto, the official “oil of love”, distilled in aged, copper stills. Rose is known for opening the heart and restoring trust. The aromatherapeutic combination of these two oils is deeply healing to the spirit, creating the space and ability to expand and multiply the love inside and around you. Now that, friends, is a serious Valentine.

We do not offer returns on Craft Series products. If you’ve never smelled Palo Santo or real rose, you may want to wait for the next release. If you have, and you love them, order two - you’ll crave it when the last drop is gone.

FOR: All skin types

HOW: Apply to clean, WET skin. Don't dry off before or after for best results!

*Sorry, but again - no returns on Craft Series Body Oils.

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