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Lavender Lover

For people who live by the philosophy that there's no such thing as too much lavender, this gift will be a dream wrapped in a wish. Wash with our deliciously scrubby Lavender Pine Soap, and follow with a combination of Night Body Oil and Lavender Body Mousse. Finish it off with Lip Doctor, and crawl into bed - or into someone's arms...

This gift comes in an Osmia gift box.

NOTE: The whipped, fluffy mousse may settle during shipping. It may look like the jar is not full, but it has just become a little denser, and the net weight has not changed. It's still wonderful for your skin, absolutely safe to use, and a little bit goes a long way. We highly recommend choosing Express Shipping if your order includes this product and you live in a warm climate. We apologize, but we do not ship this product outside of the US and Canada.

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