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Zucca Spice is back, and your dry, itchy skin can pack its bags! This gorgeous orange bar has a cult following - for good reason. Loaded with organic pumpkin - known for its conditioning properties - and powdered rose hips, this luxury soap will exfoliate your skin gently and effectively. The scent is subtle, yet divinely spicy, mostly thanks to organic coriander seed essential oil. It is as close to eating pumpkin pie in the shower as you can get (unless you actually do eat pumpkin pie in the shower, in which case we are not here to judge).  




You know how you sometimes want to climb into your mug when it's cool outside and your spirits are low? Made with the same organic, ground coffee as our best-selling Coffee Mint soap, but with the warm, spicy smell of a chai latte, this beautiful bar will comfort you right down to your toes. Essential oils of cardamom and clove make you feel like all is well with the world! A dash of pumpkin seed oil packs a nourishing punch, and kaolin clay tones and purifies the skin. We can't stop sniffing this one - be sure to grab a couple bars, because they're only here for a few months!