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Kelly McCarthy

Wholesale Specialist

BORN IN: Miami, Florida

A SCENT RELATED MEMORY FROM YOUR CHILDHOOD: The Ocean! I loved going to the beach down the road from my Grandparents' house. It's the smell of fresh salty ocean air that I could smell before I took my seatbelt off at the carpark that I remember most vividly. The sea was so wild and alive...and so cold!!

FAVORITE ESSENTIAL OIL NOW, AND WHY: Lavender and bergamot. Lavender is so calming. Bergamot for its fresh citrusy scent.

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW: -A variety of mostly bluegrass and podcasts.

YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOU: My sense of adventure. I love the trips when you barely make a plan and everything falls into place in the most amazing ways. PETS? Rome. A chocolate lab who is frequently mistaken for a small brown bear.

FAVORITE MEMORY OF YOUR MOM: Skiing. I remember chasing after my mom down the hill and how she'd get to the bottom of the run with such grace and power.

DEATH ROW MEAL: A burger from The Woodsman Tavern in Portland alongside a classic Old Fashioned from The Populist in Denver; followed up by the Tiramisu at this roadside restaurant in the Tuscan Countryside.