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Dr. Sarah Villifranco spent a decade practicing medicine in the emergency room where she witnessed a broad spectrum of health issues—along with a troubling resistance to treating the root cause of the disease. Not long after relocating to Carbondale, Colorado, her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and died shortly thereafter. Wanting to make the most out of her one precious life, she needed to create space to process her grief. At the suggestion of a close friend, she signed up for a soap making class.

Almost instantly, she reconnected with her passion for chemistry—the same passion that led her to study medicine. In the weeks that followed, Sarah was consumed with thoughts about the science of transformation: Chemistry was creative. Chemistry was art. As she continued to learn about the process of making soap, she pondered the persistent health crises she witnessed as a doctor, and the inability to connect with patients in a meaningful way. The more she researched, the more she understood that the skincare products we used could be—should be—simple. Effective. Natural. Sensory. Though she loved many aspects of her time in the ER, Sarah felt compelled to share a new vision for wellness with others. A vision that would show the connection between science and artistry, science and being. It was time to help people return to their senses. 

In 2012, Sarah founded Osmia Organics with one simple mission: to energize people to engage with their own wellness through skin health and sensory experience. A new brand of medicine was born.