Pola Oginski

Production Specialist

Born in:
Houston, Texas

A scent related memory from your childhood:

There are so many! The smell of summer fields and wet pine forest always brings me back to camping with my dad.

Favorite essential oil now, and why:

Rose geranium. Just so harmonizing, rejuvenating and deeply nurturing.

Music I'm listening to these days:

A variety on Soundcloud. Disclosure, Shpongle and The Roots today...

Your favorite thing about you:

The ability to crack myself up to tears. 


None officially! Living with 4 dogs and Elvis the Turtle. Fostering a sweet, retired sled dog called Mr. Fang for the summer.

Favorite memory of your mom:

When she'd make a "parachute" out of fresh warm sheets a few times for me to dive under while making the bed. 

Death Row Meal:

Smoked Halibut! Chocolate mousse in a chocolate bowl with a cocoa sugar spoon. Death by chocolate first....