Lavender Shea Soap

This lavender soap was created for my mother's husband, Alan, who likes a very simple bar of soap. A subtle, lavender smell from organic, Bulgarian lavender and skin-softening, organic, extra-virgin olive oil and shea butter.

For: All skin types. 

How: Use daily as needed. Best kept on a soap saver.

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Lavender Shea Soap

  • Lavender Shea Soap
  • Lavender Shea Soap
  • Lavender Shea Soap
Other Details
Net Product Weight

5.5 ounces

*=certified organic
saponified oils/butters of olea europaea (olive)*, butyrospermum parkii (shea)*, and cocos nucifera (coconut)*, coconut milk*, illite (french green) clay, spinacia oleracea (spinach) powder*, proprietary blend of essential oils*, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) antioxidant*, GMO-free vitamin E oil

97% certified organic ingredients