OO Necklace

The most beautiful pieces of jewelry often start with a beautiful story, like the one that made this necklace come to life. These linked circles represent friendship, love, unity, and independence - or whatever you want them to represent to you. They are made by hand in San Francisco, by a dear friend and talented jeweler, only for us and our customers. The larger ring is brass (1.5" diameter), the smaller is sterling silver (0.75" diameter), and they hang on a 16" silver chain.  

Each necklace comes wrapped in a small gift box.

About the Artist: 

Stacey Lorinczi began studying metalsmithing at age twelve, and later trained as a fine artist at Brown University and a jeweler at Central St. Martins in London. In 2002, she established Lorinczi Jewelry with a rigorous commitment to quality, combining superior craftsmanship with an aesthetic that infuses and elevates natural motifs with drama and sophistication. 

 "I am always striving to look at my surroundings with unjaded eyes, to see even the detritus around me as a potential source of inspiration. From seeds and pods strewn on the sidewalk, shells, seaweed and bits of coral washed up at the beach, to broken twigs and thorns… I forage, gather, and let it all saturate my imagination. Oxidized, brushed, and patinated surfaces reflect the grit of San Francisco's urban Victorian landscape, and merge organic and gothic influences.

In crafting a piece of jewelry, I create a vessel for my innermost aspirations and ideas. These objects then enable the wearer to communicate her own ambitions, observations, and desires. A beloved piece of jewelry serves as a talisman and communicates a personal identity. Let it empower and inspire you."

Stacey’s jewelry has been featured in such magazines as Bride’s, Modern Bride, W, Us, Marie Claire, Elle, and San Francisco Magazine. Please visit www.Lorinczi.com for more information.

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OO Necklace

  • OO Necklace
  • OO Necklace
  • OO Necklace
  • OO Necklace
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From the Artist: Because I make each piece by hand, there may be slight variations in the form and finish. My jewelry does not come off an assembly line; each piece bears the mark of its maker, with subtle differences that occur with delightful serendipity. The texture of the metal may vary slightly due to my hammering technique, as will the subtle gradations in tone that result from my final polishing. This is part of the joy of buying a unique and handmade piece— each will be a singularly special creation.

Appreciate your jewelry, and for goodness’ sake wear it! Don’t leave it in your jewelry box to molder, abandoned and unloved. However, remove it when bathing, and avoid chlorinated or treated water, or chemicals that can tarnish and discolor the metal. If using a jewelry cleanser, always check to see if it’s recommended for use with sterling silver or bronze.

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, and will inevitably tarnish over time, creating a patina. Some people, myself included, love the patina that accumulates on bronze— it actually protects the metal from corrosion. To maintain the patina, refrain from cleaning it; simply use a dry cloth to wipe off any moisture, dirt and oil. However, if you prefer to keep your bronze looking like new, care for it by using a jewelry polishing cloth, then gently applying mild soap with a soft brush, rinsing with water and drying it well.

When you’re not wearing your Osmia necklace, wipe it clean with a soft dry cloth before storing it, so as to remove all traces of moisture, oil and perfume; these will accelerate tarnishing. Since oxygen encourages tarnishing, store your jewelry in an air-tight plastic bag with an anti-tarnishing strip; this will help slow down the formation of patina.

This necklace has a raw, organic look that I believe is enhanced with oxidization of the sterling silver. If your sterling silver darkens over time, its patina will look more antique and broken in, like fine quality leather; or it may grow more bright and shiny. This is the unpredictable, vital nature of metal as it reacts to its environment, and I encourage you to welcome these spontaneous variations as they occur. A beloved piece of jewelry should serve as a talisman, and communicate your personal identity. Let it empower and inspire you, and wear it in great health and happiness.