Soap Stash

Every good soap addict needs a secret stash of soap.  (You know who you are. And you know how much we love you.)  Or, if you have enough soap, we're quite certain you know someone who needs a stash of his or her own!

Each set comes in a reusable, nylon bag made by Rume (another Colorado company) with four bars of soap and a soap saver. Give this perfect gift to everyone you know! Together, friends, we shall make the world a sweeter smelling place.

We have created five Soap Stash combinations - choose the one (or many) you love! (No substitutions, sorry!)
  • "Best Sellers" contains Coffee Mint, Oh So, Milky Rose, and Vetiver Grey - our four top-selling soaps. A sure thing!  
  • “Yin” is a collection of floral, herbal, and citrus scents - more on the feminine side of the scent spectrum, traditionally speaking - and contains Milky Rose, Chamomile Sun, Citrus Pearl, and Lavender Shea.  
  • “Yang” is a collection of earthy and rich scents - more on the masculine side of the spectrum - and contains Vetiver Grey, Oh So Detox, Lavender Pine, and Coffee Mint Soap. 
  • “Yin-Yang” is the best of both worlds - a great gift for a couple or a set of parents! It includes Lavender Pine, Chamomile Sun, Citrus Pearl, and Vetiver Grey.
  • “Sensitive” is for those who have sensitive skin and noses, and contains two bars of Oh So and two bars of Lavender Shea.

    Soap Stash

    • Soap Stash
    • Soap Stash
    Other Details
    Net Product Weight

    Bars are 5.5 or 6.0 ounces, depending on selection.

    *=certified organic
    For the vegan soap lovers out there - all Osmia body soaps are vegan except for Milky Rose, Lavender Pine, and Oh So, all of which have organic buttermilk powder. Other than that little tidbit, please see individual soap pages for ingredients.