Soothing Starter Set

This is the starter set we recommend for troubled skin. It is safe for skin with excessive redness, flaky patches, and irritation. It is also safe for perioral dermatitis. The set includes the Black Clay Facial Soap, the Active Gel Toner, and the Purely Simple Face Cream, as well as a soap saver. The gel serum provides a layer of soothing moisture, and the face cream is made with simple, non-irritating ingredients, and an incredibly gentle scent (essential oils only, as always).  

The Routine:

When starting with these products, especially if your skin is in a state of distress, please start by using the Black Clay Facial Soap once a day, preferably at night. Slowly increase to twice a day over the course of a week. After a week, if your skin is improving, add the Purely Simple Face Cream once a day for a week, and increase to twice a day if your skin does well. Lastly, add the Active Gel Toner every other day, in the evenings, using only a tiny amount (half the size of a pea), before the cream. By adding products one at a time, you provide your skin the greatest chance of success, and you'll be able to tell more clearly which products have which effects on your skin. If you have any questions about how to use this set with your PD, or need help adjusting your routine, please email us. If your skin is very sensitive, please order a sample set first - it should last a week.  (You can order two sample sets if you want to try it for a longer period. We have a strict 14-day return policy because we are a small company, so please try samples first if you're not sure how your skin will react.)  

Full sized set comes in a TSA-approved, travel bag made by RuMe.

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Soothing Starter Set

  • Soothing Starter Set
  • Soothing Starter Set
  • Soothing Starter Set
Other Details
Net Product Weight

Full Size: 2.25 ounce facial bar, 1.7 ounce gel toner, 1.7 ounce cream.
Sample Size: 0.17 oz toner, 0.14 oz cream, 0.3 oz soap

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