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March Favorites

  • Himalayan Body Buff

    Himalayan Body Buff

    The Himalayan body buff is one of my favorite Osmia products. It leaves my skin deliciously soft and yummy! I always keep one extra at home just in case I have to come up with a last minute gift.

    Enrica U.
  • Nectar Vital Rose Drops

    Nectar Vital Rose Drops

    I absolutely love the nectar rose drops. It is so hydrating and makes my skin feel so soft. I combine it with some of the purely simple face cream and my skin is loving it.

    Alexa U.
  • Luz Enzyme Facial Soap

    Luz Enzyme Facial Soap

    I am really enjoying this soap for my nighttime cleanse during the warmer summer months. It thoroughly cleans all makeup and sunscreen from my mature skin without drying it out. I'm so glad I decided to try this soap; it is a wonderful product!

    Jean A.

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