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December Favorites

  • Recovery Salt Bath

    Recovery Salt Bath

    When I open the container I swear I'm at my spa! The salts are visually beautiful, smell wonderful, and make you feel soft, sexy, and smooth

    Cathy H.
  • Body Duo

    Body Duo

    I love this set, it is the perfect gift, for yourself or anyone else. The scrub is delicious and the body mousse is lovely. Perfect!

    Heather C.
  • Natural Perfume Sampler

    Natural Perfume Sampler

    These little jars are perfect for figuring out what scent works best for you. I thought I would like one of the perfumes, but I actually ended up liking a completely different one that I hadn't paid much attention to!

    Jessica L

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Immerse yourself in natural warmth.

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  • A Common-Sense Guide to Essential Oils in Pregnancy (Finally!)

    A Common-Sense Guide to Essential Oils in Pregnancy (Finally!)

    Here's a common sense guide to using essential oils safely in pregnancy. There's so much information on essential oils, and far too many "experts" out there thanks to the world of multi-level marketing! In this article, I'll tell you what makes sense to me as a physician, and the founder of a natural skincare brand. Hope it helps you relax and enjoy your pregnancy!!

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  • A Common-Sense Guide to Skincare in Pregnancy

    A Common-Sense Guide to Skincare in Pregnancy

    Is there such a thing as pregnancy skincare? Should you change the way you care for your skin when you're pregnant? Yes, and we'll tell you exactly why. We hope it will help you understand the health impact of your skincare choices, and then we hope you'll go out and share your knowledge with your friends, pregnant or not!

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