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Our Mission

Osmia's mission is to educate and energize conscious consumers who will savor our luxury skin care products in their daily wellness rituals. Our line is formulated with exceptional, natural ingredients, which we hope will inspire people to live in health and joy, with a softer impact on the planet.

(pronounced OZ-mee-uh)

Osmia, as I use it, means "sense of smell". (It's derived from the medical word "anosmia", which is the inability to smell.) Every Osmia product is made with utmost attention to the scent and its aromatherapeutic benefits. In a broad sense, the word Osmia is also a reminder to notice your life - the color of the sky, the taste of your coffee, the feeling of your child's hand in yours. Because if we don't return to our senses, and soak up all the precious beauty that can be found in a regular old day, we are missing the point.

About Sarah Villafranco, MD

Our Founder

Sarah Villafranco, MD

Our company was founded by a physician with a serious passion for plants. In 2012, Dr. Sarah Villafranco redirected her career in emergency medicine to start Osmia, which she sees as her own brand of medicine for your skin, your senses, and the earth. Want to know more about Sarah?

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Our Team

A strong team, united in their passion, with the right mix of hard work and hysterical laughter, can accomplish just about anything.