Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use the Black Clay Facial Soap?

    Our Black Clay Soap should be used like any other bar of soap: wet your face and hands, create a nice lather by rubbing your hands together with the soap between your two palms, then use your fingers to wash your face gently for 15-30 seconds. Give special attention to areas that tend to become congested, like the sides of the nose, the hairline, and the chin. Rinse copiously with lukewarm water, pat dry with a towel.

  • How do I store my soap between uses?

    We recommend keeping your handmade, organic soap on a soap saver, safely out of the water in the soap dish. A soap saver allows the soap to dry on all sides, so your soap will last much longer, and you won’t have soupy soap in the meantime. On the road? Try our soap travel bag, a convenient way to keep your favorite soap handy and safe when you’re far from home.

  • How do I use the Osmia facial masks?

    Each of our masks can be used two ways - as a facial scrub, or as a leave-on mask. Start by cleansing your skin and hands. Then, combine two spoonfuls of mask with just enough warm water to make a smooth paste in a bowl (add the water slowly). Gently spread the paste over your clean face and neck. If you’re only exfoliating, work the mask in circles using the mildest possible pressure, for about a minute. Step into the shower and rinse clean. If you’re masking, leave the product on your skin for 10-15 minutes, pressing it with wet hands or spritzing with thermal water to moisten if it starts to get tight. When you’re ready, step into the shower and use gentle circular motions with the fingertips while rinsing away the mask. Still have questions? Watch our Detox and Protein mask videos!

  • How do I apply the facial serums?

    Use ½ to one pump over the face and neck after cleansing, while skin is still quite damp. Use your hands to press the serum into the skin on your face and neck (avoiding your eyes), and wait 2-4 minutes for full absorption. Follow with Purely Simple Face Cream if needed.

  • What do you recommend for rosacea?

    Our Rose Clay Facial Soap, Facial Restoration Serum, Purely Simple Face Cream, and Nectar Vital Rose Drops are our favorite products for rosacea. They all contain essential oils that have a toning effect on the small blood vessels that are inflamed in rosacea. They can be used in combination with dermatological prescriptions for rosacea.

  • What do you recommend for acne-prone skin?

    We have a great blog post about natural acne management, complete with education and lifestyle recommendations. For skin care, we recommend our Balancing Starter Set.

  • What do you recommend for perioral dermatitis?

    Be sure you have read all of our articles on PD, from the first article, to the FAQ post. We recommend the products in our Soothing Starter Set, and suggest that you order 1-2 sample sized kits to get started. When you have dermatitis, it’s always good to make sure the products agree with your skin before you purchase the full sizes.

  • Do you use gluten in your products?

    We do not use any gluten-containing ingredients, but we are not a certified gluten-free facility. We use certified gluten-free oats in some of our bath and body products. We also use a liquid oat extract, which is not a certified gluten-free ingredient, in our Active Gel Toner.

  • Do you use soy in your products?

    Our Vitamin E oil consists of mixed tocopherols from non-GMO soy sources. We use this oil, in combination with an organic rosemary extract, as an antioxidant in many of our soaps and some of our oil products. It is listed in the ingredients in every product in which we use it.

  • How do you use the Osmia Starter Sets?

    Soothing Starter Set

    When starting with these products, especially if your skin is in a state of distress, please start by using the Black Clay Facial Soap once a day, preferably at night. Slowly increase to twice a day over the course of a week. After a week, if your skin is improving, add the Purely Simple Face Cream once a day for a week, and increase to twice a day if your skin does well. Use the cream sparingly on areas of dermatitis. Lastly, add the Active Gel Toner every other day, in the evenings, using only a tiny amount (half the size of a pea), before the cream. By adding products one at a time, you provide your skin the greatest chance of success, and you'll be able to tell more clearly which products have which effects on your skin. If you experience any difficulty with your skin, email us at, and we will do our best to guide you!

    Balancing Starter Set

    Wash with the Black Clay Facial Soap and gently pat the skin with a clean, dry washcloth. While your skin is still damp, apply ½ to 1 pump of the Facial Calibration Serum, pressing gently into your face and neck. Apply Spot Treatment to blemishes as the last step, avoiding the eye area.  Enhance this starter set by using our Detox Exfoliating Mask weekly if you have trouble with dull skin, clogged pores, or blackheads.

    Brightening Starter Set

    Wash face gently with Luz Enzyme Facial Soap, and gently pat the skin with a clean, dry washcloth. While your skin is still damp, apply a few drops to ½ pump of the Luz Brightening Facial Serum, pressing gently into your face and neck.

    Restorative Starter Set

    Wash face gently with Rose Clay Facial Soap, and gently pat the skin with a clean, dry washcloth. While your skin is still damp, apply 1/2 to 1 pump of Facial Restoration Serum, pressing gently into your face and neck. Enhance this starter set with our Protein Exfoliating Mask once a week to smooth and nourish the skin.

  • What is the expiration date of my product?

    There are two things you will need to look for on your Osmia product. First, find a date - that’s the date we made it in our facility in Colorado in the following format: mmddyy. Second, find a little jar symbol on the box or the bottle with a number inside (6, 9, 12, or 18). You should try to use your product within that many months of receiving the product.

    Our soaps work a bit differently: the batch date written on your soap wrapper is 8 weeks after the date it was made, which is usually when we wrap the soaps send them to their new homes. Our soap is absolutely safe to use a week after it is made, but we let our bars cure longer than most soap makers do, allowing more water to evaporate, creating a longer-lasting bar of soap. Our soaps will never reach your hands before they have cured for at least 6 weeks, and the soap should be used within 18 months of receiving it. Email us with any questions!

  • How do you source your ingredients?

    "Consciously" is the best way to describe how we source our ingredients. We choose suppliers who consistently produce the highest quality ingredients with a commitment to exceptional standards regarding the environment. We use certified organic ingredients wherever possible, and consider the impact of our choices on the the planet.

    Where there are areas of concern, as with palm oil or sandalwood essential oil, we do our homework and make informed decisions. For example, we’ve never used palm oil from countries that have significant orangutan populations, and we currently use a palm oil from Ecuador, which is fair trade and certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, or RSPO. If you have any questions about our sourcing, please feel free to email us.